About Mr. Nice Ky

A message from the founder.

In June of 2020 I was the victim of an egregious medical error which landed me in the hospital for six days. I should not have survived and not a day goes by that I don't remember this. After being evaluated by numerous doctors I became increasingly aware that the pain in my body that had persisted many months after would be with me for life. It was serendipitous that the friend that introduced me to kratom was also importing it by the shipping container. It didn't take a lot of surveying the landscape for me to realize that I wanted to be a wholesale distributor of kratom, and kratom products. In January of 2021, I founded Mr. Nice Ky. As I was operating my company, social media algorithms caught wind of what I was doing and began showing me ads from retail kratom companies. I already knew that retail kratom companies were charging their customers obscene markups. If I needed any more motivation to enter the retail markets and offer what I truly believe to be the best value in the industry, I found it in the grandiose, and often erroneous claims that many kratom companies were making about their products. Unlike many other companies I cannot, in good conscience, insult my customers' intelligence with cringey and dishonest marketing, or act like I am doing them a favor when I am charging them six to ten times what I pay. So here you have it, a place where retail customers, and vendors alike, can shop from a huge selection of high quality lab tested kratom products without giving the middle finger to their wallets.

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